Leona is the ‘Something Different’ and unique you’ve been searching for. Experienced, fun & gritty.

As an award-winning businesswoman, Coach, Team Builder, MC and adventurer, her background is broad and unique.  It’s how Leona tailors her presentations to connect effortlessly with audiences to inspire & challenge – sharing her (often hilarious) epic failures, as much as her successes – VIRTUALLY or from the stage.

How many women have launched and run a team building company for 17 years – then sold? Kayaked with Killer Whales, worked at Microsoft and Virgin, camped without a tent in Antarctica, MC’d Master Chef Live, judged restaurants, trained in Neuroscience, run a half marathon around Uluru, and enticed 300 CEOs, in the one room, to cook a feast together?

Having overseen 3,000+ events, Leona has helped 80,000 colleagues smile, re-engage and connect as a team and at a corporate level. It all starts with self-leadership and fun. Get ready for Master Storytelling!

“9.6 out of 10! 

With an average speaker score of 8, our members absolutely loved your presentation”

CEO Institute of Australia

5 HOT Topics

1. FIVE Easy Hacks to Re-energise Teams & Boost Wellness.

 FOCUS:  Re-energise.  Re-engage.  Boost Wellness. 

AUDIENCE:  CEOs, Corporates, SMBs, Team Managers.

Bored, disengaged and unhappy staff are resigning. The Talent War is as real as the Great Resignation.  It all boils down to how your staff are “feeling” about the company and themselves.  Let’s bring back some fun and genuine engagement.

Working from home and boredom have resulted in a “whatever” vibe with staff, clients and suppliers.  Even more dangerous, is that this lower energy level has settled in as the new ‘norm’.  Not to mention the mental health implications. 

In this fast-paced presentation, Leona shares 5 easy, low or no-cost hacks, for immediate implementation, to drive fun, innovation, sales, confidence and momentum.  It’s all about raising energy levels, creativity and ideas, utilising the proven Neuroscience methods Leona has successfully used with her own business and clients.


  • Reconnect with and re-engage staff, so they’re less likely to leave.
  • Staff “wellness” levels will increase on an ongoing basis.
  • Be challenged to see how these ideas can also be used with key clients and suppliers to increase profits and operational excellence.
  • Make your workplace more enjoyable, satisfying and uplifting for everyone!


  • 30 minute to 1 hour Keynote.
  • Fun energiser before or after a break.
  • Can easily be transformed into a half day workshop, to create a plan for action the next day.  Plus Leona can facilitate with staff, clients and suppliers onsite.


2. RESILIENCE. Can your team learn this Golden Ticket? Ab-sol-utely!

 FOCUS:  Covid demanded we build Resilience. So why are we still floundering?

AUDIENCE:  CEOs, Corporates, SMBs, Start-Ups, Individuals.

Why does Resilience count and how can it be developed within a business? Is it reserved for elite Sports Stars, Entrepreneurs & Trauma Survivors?

Can anyone learn it?  The answer is YES. An entire team and company, can build a backbone everyone can rely on.

Leona will share 3-5 daily activities that build the kind of Resilience to being the person/team others  “look towards”, not “past”, in a crisis.  It’s not as hard as you think so let’s move teams from feeling stuck, overwhelmed and anxious to “I’ve SO got this”!  Any increase in Resilience, is an increase in Mental Health. Let’s do this!


  • Speedy tips and tricks you can practice and apply EASILY every day.
  • With crises and uncertainty in every area of our lives, people will feel more in control of how they can handly any disruption in their work and home.


  • 30 minute to 1 hour Keynote.
  • Fun interactive energiser before or after a break.
  • A half day workshop, identifying key triggers that can ignite and deflate your resilience reserves.

3. EXEC CHEFS - Lessons from the Heat of the Kitchen for the Office.

FOCUS: Leadership in the public eye, Operations, High-stress.

AUDIENCE:  CEOs, SMBs, Sales Directors, Team Managers.

What makes World-Class Executive Chefs, world-class? With investors and chefs hustling to work with them.  Transport their leadership and operational excellence, plus their mindset, into your workplace. Not to mention Stress Management. 

Revered as ‘Super Stars’ when they’re on the rise, but publicly humiliated when things go wrong, there’s plenty to take directly into your business (with lots of entertaining stories) – from the heat of the kitchen and the 24/7 stress, where it’s like a product launch EVERY SINGLE DAY in the public eye!



  • 30min to 90min Keynote or as a short, sharp 15 minute energiser before or after a break.
  • Perfect as a customised intro to Leona’s Team Cooking Events.

4. TRIATHLONS – The Modern FUN Sports / Business Analogy.

FOCUS:  Strategy, Self-Leadership, Resilience in Uncertainty

AUDIENCE:  Leaders, Corporates, SMBs, Start-Ups.

Leona presents a totally new spin on the ‘sports/business’ analogy, sharing her insightful and entertaining stories about the world’s fastest growing sport. Learnings you can apply directly to business, and what it’s taught her about leadership, resilience, planning and grit. 

Starting with the dreaded ocean swim…you’re feeling totally  ‘exposed’ in your swimsuit and you can’t see past the huge waves. You just have to make it to the first buoy. Your first goal. The first milestone.  First year in business.  First year as a CEO / Team Leader / Coach.

Tips to develop your strategy, character and strengths to blitz competitors, lack-lustre results and getting washed back to shore.  You can do 100 races (aka projects, new jobs, new teams) and each is different.  The only “Certainty” is your mindset’s belief that you CAN do it.


  • To finish in one piece, you need GRIT, SELF-LEADERSHIP & FOCUS to NOT LISTEN to your head, begging you to stop, stay safe, retreat.  Just like in business.
  • You need to lead yourself and/or a team to keep going, in a race almost guaranteed to cause frustration and pain, (sound familiar?) with 0% predictability of success.  It starts with training your mind and your heart. Your body and results will follow.


  • 25 minute to 1 hour Keynote.
  • Fun energiser before or after a break.
  • Can easily be transformed into a half day workshop, deep diving into the learnings from the Swim, Bike & Run and how you can bring self-leadership into your teams to increase Resilience and Results.

5. THREE WORD FORMULA - Double Your Results & Engage Teams.

FOCUS:  Most goals are ‘gunna do’ and rarely ’done’.  Let’s get them DONE!

AUDIENCE:  Corporates, SMBs, Start-Ups, Team Managers.

We’ve all got them. Goals that get ‘stuck’ and fail in execution. Costing time, dollars and confidence.

Leona introduces a simple formula BE DO HAVE to create rapid changes and results in every area of your audience’s lives, businesses, teams and careers.

Everyone from seasoned Sales Directors to Start Up Millennials can use this formula to reignite and complete projects. Even multi-departmental product launches.

Leona will share how she used this formula to sell her own “unsaleable” business.


  • This interactive workshop will leave audiences with the skills to blitz goals they just couldn’t nail before. For yourself, projects and teams.
  • Leona will reveal the Neuroscience behind the formula to maximise results.
  • The Know-How to drive high-speed, effective results that keep momentum and confidence flowing.


  • 15 minute to 1 hour Keynote.
  • Fun energiser before or after a break. Or to lead into an evening event.
  • A fabulous half day workshop to drive results.

What happy clients are saying

“Great connection with the message and you were just amazing. The rest of the day ran really well,thanks to the scene set by you the night prior and start of day. I’ve already recommended you to Microsoft. Love your work!”
Colin Timms

Telstra Executive Director Operations & Service, Telstra Enterprise & Government

“Leona was brilliant and really knows how to present her combination of business and cooking tothe corporate world in a fun way. Very engaging for our international group of CFOs. Plus we could really see the analogies and what to take into the business. Thanks”!
Pernod Ricard

“The GM’s meeting the next morning was the most jovial I’ve ever seen! Leona tied in our conference theme for our senior managers very effectively and without over doing it. Positive feedback from all”


Toyota Financial Services