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forget THE covid BLUES! 

Re-engage with FUN

With so many teams still in lock down across the world, or they simply work in different locations, I’m excited to now offer FUN, hands-on, virtual cooking events.

With full TV production facilities to create a high-end event, let’s crank up the music, open some vino and bring fun back to teams and clients.

My most recent online event was for a team in Shanghai, Sydney, Mumbai and Singapore. (And it was easy to organise even with different dietaries).

Now that everyone is familiar with Google Suite, Zoom, Vimeo etc, this exciting option can DEFINITELY be 100% engaging. But it’s all about the facilitator’s focus…and it’s not just the cooking.  Using many of the new online features, people can ‘virtually’ cook, talk and even sit to eat together in smaller groups.  Led by Leona to keep things moving, fun and tasting fabulous.

Let’s ditch the Covid Blues and get your team, entire company and/or clients online, cooking within a fun 100% interactive event.  Not only will they remember what it’s like to have fun together, but the newbies will genuinely get a ‘feel’ for your company’s DNA and values…which is so important following Covid.

KEYNOTE OPTION:  I can also include a keynote around my business, leadership, corporate and triathlon experiences…the wins, the hilarious stuff-ups and the humbling learnings.  Focussing in on the specific behaviours and mindsets you’re wanting from your team, or the challenges they’re facing.

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Teams in Australia or Across the World

4 to 400 colleagues online

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For 4 to 400 people, all cooking, laughing, having fun together.  Across the world, or across the road, let’s get the magic started!  Please call +61 412 190 252 or send an email.  Cheers!

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