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Feeling Stuck? Overwhelmed? Mumbling "what the xxxx" all day?


Kicking doubt to the curb

If you have big goals for your business or your career, but you also have that niggling doubt that it’s all words, that you haven’t got what it takes or you feel overwhelmed and stuck…

   …I can tell you, you’re definitely not alone.

The fact is we ALL have similar doubts, limitations and BS that gets in the way of our goals. Every single one of us. I know I have, which is why I get in coaches when I start mumbling “what the xxxx” to myself all day.

The reality is that setting goals and stressful times never stop. So you’d “better get better” at managing them! Not to mention yourself, your staff, your board, shareholders, families.  It never stops!  And there will always be obstacles that get in your way and more often than not, the No 1 Block, is our own BS self-talk.

Let me share the tools and tricks I’ve learnt and developed to help with running and selling my own business as well as in the corporate and triathlon worlds.   I’m “slow as” in a triathlon, but I keep smiling and keep training, hanging and learning from fun, smart, inspiring people.

Who are you surrounding yourself with? Please see below for coaching options to scale up your business, your career, leadership skills…the lot!  When you step up in one area, you step up in all.

Take yourself to the next level

We found that Leona’s great skill is in enabling you to see where you are tripping over yourself.  Her experience and insight enabled us to stop telling ourselves the same old story and to really see the opportunities for what they were…as well as the issues.

If you are a leader or team looking for someone to challenge you and to help you see where you are getting in your own way, call Leona.

Tony Bonney – Managing Director & Head of Strategy, Grow on Purpose


As a trained coach creating rapid results using NLP, plus my own background in running a business and working in small and large businesses…I’d absolutely love to help clear a path to you being as “kick butt” as you can imagine. Setting goals is easy. But working out what’s stopping you from achieving them, and booting that ‘stuff’ out of the way, is what I’m all about.

Let’s get you what you REALLY REALLY want.

Whether you realise or not, you’re the same person at work as at home. So if you know you’re self-sabotaging, stuck, or excited but can’t get yourself organised and moving forward, let’s chat.

There’s no hard and fast rule on how to do this. Whether we have regular sessions, or kick start with a half-day Dive Deep exploration, your session/s will be tailored to what’s most important for you. If you don’t have the career, business, relationships, communication style or leadership skills you want, let’s change that today!