Fun online cooking

forget THE covid BLUES!

Re-engage with FUN

With so many teams back in lock down or simply working from home, it’s time to do something fun that will keep the smiles and productivity flowing.

With the option of full production facilities (in-studio or remotely) let’s crank up the music, open some vino and bring fun back to teams and clients.

My most recent online event was for a team in Shanghai, Sydney, Mumbai and Singapore. (And it was easy to organise even with different dietaries and timezones).  Plus a group of CEOs in Sydney.

This exciting option can DEFINITELY be 100% engaging. But it’s all about the facilitator’s focus on making your team the stars of the show, not the chef.

Using many of the new online features, people can ‘virtually’ cook, talk and even sit to eat together in smaller groups.  Led by Leona to keep things moving, fun and tasting fabulous.


  • $2,750 + GST for up to 20 people. This is based on one camera.
  • For higher-end production and larger groups, with multi-cameras, in-studio or remote, please allow extra, from $2,750+ GST.
  • 1 to 1.5 hours long, so it’s speedy and fast-paced.
  • You should benefit from FBT savings.
  • Leona’s 19 years experience delivering FUN team building cooking events.
  • Food can be deliverd (POA) or staff are asked to provide or given a voucher.
  • There are plenty of fun gift options for delivery also.
  • 10, 100 or 1000 attendees

So please don’t let your staff slide into disengagement. Let’s get your colleagues all cooking together. To chat, cook, enjoy a drink, laugh and have FUN!

Let’s talk!  +61 (0)412 190 252 or email 

KEYNOTE OPTION:  I can also include a keynote around resilience (keeping it very light, fun and ‘do-able’) or your core Company Values. POA.

Cook Covid to the Kerb

10 to 10,000 colleagues world-wide

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Virtual Team Party – cooking, laughing, having fun together.  Across the world, or across the road.  Cheers!

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