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Leadership through Challenge

Consulting & Leadership

Inspire your people

When you need more hands-on help, or you really need to fire up the team, consider a more facilitated, consultative approach with Leona.  Whether that’s getting really gritty with the team: values, personality styles, what’s working and what’s not…let’s just make it happen!  The more seniot the group, the more you need a respected, ‘mature’ facilitator with high EQ and the neuroscience skills to manage strong personalities.

Get out of the Boardroom!

Or together we can create team adventures providing challenges and analogies for the behaviours you’re needing from the team.  The idea is to get out of of a hotel room, create a ‘pattern disrupt’ and expand people beyond they’re own and the teams, perceived limitations and problem-solving.  We don’t have to kayak in Antartica (though I’d be keen to go again!) to create this.  But if you want people to think differently, then their minds and physiology need to be challenged differently and in a new environment.  Forget dull, “creativity-killing” boardrooms.  Let’s THINK BIG!



“VERY HAPPY! Leona integrated our key messages around Leadership into the design of our team day and really supported our focus for the year ahead. She even helped us find a new (and much better) venue”

Tom Cornish, Group Learning & Development Manager, NRMA

It all starts with Self-Leadership

I never thought I could run a half marathon, and then I did.  Nor survive a 2.5km ocean swim from Bondi to Bronte or complete a triathlon.  But I made a decision and somehow I did it. 

Getting up at 5am to meet your training buddies in winter, is just plain crazy. It’s all about self-leadership and not listening to my own BS excuses.

Self-leadership comes before leading others and it often starts with asking for the right help. I surrounded myself with fun, dynamic people who could run, swim and cycle faster than I ever will.  People who believed in me before I did.  Calling me on my own BS (and laughing with me as I fell off my bike, tripped up and got dumped by the surf).

I can never blame these people for my epic stuff-ups and injuries. Or forgetting my bike on race day, then wearing my helmet back to front. True story!

Gaining a true understanding of what it means to take responsibility for every area of your life, including work, is probably the single biggest skill you can learn to getting stuff done. It leads to the kind of fulfilment that ‘lights’ you up, as well as those around you. The tools I wish I’d learnt in my 20s. Let’s have fun and entice the team into a kick-butt adventure of new ideas and self-leadership.